Normalitas [EP]

by Morally Straight

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Produced by Morally Straight
All songs written and performed by Morally Straight,
except Partai Politik written by Wethepeople! (Check out this band at: )
Artwork design by Iqbal ( )
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Teargas Lab by Irsyad Ali Sofi




all rights reserved


Morally Straight Indonesia

Formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 2008. Basically, we play '80s hardcore/punk music (oldschool hardcore). However, each of us has his own musical influences. So, we tried to get out of the binding rules that hardcore music should be like this or like that. We try to mix our various influences thru a straight-line called; hardcore. ... more

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Track Name: Morally Straight - Stop It!
Can you get out of my face?
Your words pissed me off
You just lying to me
With any bullshit words that you spit out

**Stop It! Leave me alone!
It’s not your business

Your reason so messed up
I don’t think we’re good enough to talk
I asked you to keep your mouth shut
And I don’t need your advice

*** Stop It! Just leave me alone, why you don’t advice yourself!
Stop It! It’s not your business.. man, you’re just wasting my time
Track Name: Morally Straight - Normalitas
Anggap sama semua yang ada
Begitu sama, begitu serupa
Tak ada beda, begitu kentara
Semuanya buta, semuanya sama

Bias arti

Satu kriteria
Teritori tak berarti
Dominasi semua lini

***Ketika kata normal hanya milik segelintir orang, nyamankah dengan semua ini?!
Atau hanya merujuk berdasar teori?!
Track Name: Morally Straight - Fairytale Kingdom
Everything looks so perfect when you dreaming
Accordance with your expectations
(So) easy to achieved

**A place where you can get everything you want
Welcome to the new fairytale...king..dom!

Trying hard to be someone else
Leave your broomstick and magic wand
This is not reality, this is not really you
Track Name: Morally Straight - Partai Politik
Mereka, tak pernah peduli
Mereka, pikir diri sendiri
Mereka, menebar janji
Harapan kosong...
Omong kosong...

Mereka tak mengerti!
Mereka tak peduli!
Track Name: Morally Straight - Walk Me Out Of Here!
Tempat apa ini?
Sudut merah dan biru yang saling bertemu?
Saling serang dan prasangka buruk
Apa ini tempat aman bagiku?

**Walk me out of here!
I shouldn’t belong here...
Walk me out of here!
This should be the peaceful place..

***(Let’s) get the fuck out!!